November 2, 2016, by Postgraduate Placements Nottingham

Building my reputation with Rob Brown

This week Khatira talks about her postgraduate placement working for Rob Brown on the promotion of the sequel to his bestselling book ‘How to Build your Reputation’.

My Postgraduate Placement job with the famous writer and coach Rob Brown was absolutely brilliant.

khatira2Rob had just submitted a 60K word manuscript to Wiley Press, the world’s largest business publishers, and was looking for a postgraduate with strong writing skills to help with promotion and marketing. He told me that he needed to sell 3000 books over a 3 year period to fulfill his contract so there would be a wide range of marketing work to do. This included social media promotion, finding people and companies online for interviews and comments, generating speaking and promotion opportunities, and turning content from the book into blog articles. It was a perfect opportunity as it gave me the tremendous experience of using my writing skills in areas where I hadn’t worked before.

“I was so proud on the day that Rob Brown signed his book and thanked me for my input.”

Besides doing research for Rob, for the content of his book and networking sessions, I learnt how to use various software packages such as Contactually, Traffic Machine, Video Spike, Viddyoze, and Rainmaker which help to record videos, build websites and upgrade social media accounts. I’ve no doubt that this knowledge will be taken and applied by me in my future professional life.

Prior to this placement, I couldn’t imagine that I would become so competent and familiar with technology in such a short period of time. I’m glad that I applied and got to experience this opportunity as it improved my skills and networking abilities, and I was so proud on the day that Rob Brown signed his book and thanked me for my input.

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