September 8, 2016, by Postgraduate Placements Nottingham

Delivering a fresh, unbiased business project review

Dr Mark Tock, MBA, Operations Director at UNIP (University of Nottingham Innovation Park) talks about his experience of offering a placement through PPN.

AboutUNIP193x115What has having postgraduate placement students uniquely offered your organisation?

Bringing a postgraduate into UNIP Management Ltd, albeit for a short period, afforded our business a fresh and unbiased review of a particular aspect of what we do. In this case, Thibault analysed our Meeting Rooms and Events business in terms of comparator offers, developments in digital technology, and potential efficiencies. In bringing a range of previous real life industrial experience and some of the latest thinking from his studies at The University of Nottingham, he was able to make a number of recommendations with the potential to impact positively on our bottom line.

Were there any additional benefits that you or your staff hadn’t expected before the placement itself?

When scoping the project for our intern, we hadn’t necessarily thought through the additional benefits that bringing them into the business might have. The process of having to articulate what we do enabled my team to question how we operate in a totally non-threatening way. Equally we had not counted on the fact that Thibault would draw not only on his own experience but on the broader hinterland of his peer group, family, and networks.

Is there anything you would like to share about Thibault (or postgraduates on placement more generally) having worked with them?

We were incredibly impressed by the standard of applicants interested in our internship project. The calibre of those applying was overall outstanding. Students took the process of interviewing seriously and we were fortunate enough to have had reserve options had our first choice been snapped up. As it turned out Thibault was a first choice who didn’t disappoint: his approach was professional, consultative and engaging. To be honest we were able to engage with him as a young professional consultant who provided a high quality report that we will use in changing our practice.

What would you say to other organisations thinking of making a placement offer?

Make the brief as clear and simple as possible to ensure you attract the right candidates. Otherwise, Just Do it! This is an excellent opportunity to engage a young and enthusiastic professional just before they enter the world of work. Going by our recent experience, they will be an asset to your team.

PPN provides a seamless and straight forward process to recruit a talented postgraduate for the project and with University of Nottingham part-funding the cost makes it an unparalleled offer. To discuss how we may be able to support your business contact PPN at

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