July 31, 2014, by Guest Blogger

Placement student helps craft brewery to launch new pub

“As soon as I saw the project title, Marketing Officer for a craft brewery, I knew it was the ideal role for me. Not only was the placement in an industry which I’m interested in (it goes beyond the consumption of the product), the placement gave me a chance to wear a lot of different hats. Working as a marketing officer, an administrator, to helping out with the brewery, I got to do it all. From e-blasts, press releases and web marketing to SEO, graphic design and web design, even bottling, menu design and pulling pints, you name it, I had the chance to do it.  And I wasn’t just in it for the money – well, I was, but it wasn’t the most important thing, the placement has given me real opportunities to further my knowledge of online marketing and the brewing industry at large, and has also given me further work experience to add to my CV.”

Adam Cotter is a student from the School Contemporary Chinese Studies studying for an MSc in the Business and Economy of Contemporary China.

Postgraduate Placements received the placement brief from Flipside in April 2014. The request was for a student ‘to assist in the marketing and launch of a new Public House venture, to include a social media launch – Facebook, Twitter and website.   Design leaflets, posters and blackboards.  Design a launch plan – a series of “soft” launch nights and an opening to the public event.’ Flipside Brewery, based in Colwick, Nottingham supplies many local pubs with its beers as well as selling to the general public.  Flipside, is a reference to the coin collecting hobby of the head brewer. A recent development for the brewery has been the opening of the pub – The Old Volunteer.  Flipside beer is available in the Student Union Shop on University Park Campus. http://oldvolunteer.com/ http://www.flipsidebrewery.co.uk/

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