April 25, 2013, by offcampus

County Council Elections 2013: Beeston North

If you’re a student living in the Beeston area, you’ve probably seen lots of publicity come through your letterbox from candidates standing in the upcoming County Council elections on Thursday May 2nd 2013. You may have had a chat with the candidates on your doorstep too.

We got in touch with the candidates standing in Beeston North to find out what the key message they’d like to share with students in their area is. All candidates were approached and all messages received by the time of publishing are included below, alphabetically by party. You can check for a full list of candidates in your ward on the Broxtowe Borough Council website.

Beeston North

Green Party – Paul Anderson

“The Green Party is different. We are the only party that thinks seriously about the future. Not the five years until the next election, but where we will be as a society in twenty or thirty years’ time. That means we focus on trying to find solutions to the really big problems facing our world that the other parties try to ignore and hope will just magically vanish. So our focus is on climate change, environmental degradation, energy use, food and resource depletion, biodiversity and animal rights. That’s not to say we don’t have what you might call ordinary policies as well, such as stopping the privatization of the NHS and ending student loans. It’s just they are part of a much wider focus on building a long term, sustainable society in balance with our natural world. We only have one planet and that’s the inescapable truth from which all our ideas flow.”

Liberal Democrats – Steve Carr

“The University is an integral part of Beeston. It brings many benefits to Beeston both commercially and socially. It is absolutely right that you can vote in the elections. This is not a national election though and it would be a real shame if it is treated as such. If you speak to people in the community around you, they will tell you that I have been the councillor here for 10 years. I am well liked and respected and as a result get a substantial personal vote.

I know how hard you are all working at the moment. My son is in his first year at the Uni studying for a MSci in Neuroscience – when not at home in Beeston, he lives at Lenton and Wortley Halls. Despite your pressures at the moment, it really is worthwhile finding 10 minutes to vote.”




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