April 23, 2013, by offcampus

Students In The Community Survey – Win a £50 Amazon Voucher

Are you a second year student living in one of our local communities? Well we need your help.

The off-campus student’s affairs department are in the process of planning a new event for all students who are either living off-campus in the local community or who are interested in moving into the community in the following year. This ‘Moving in, Moving on’ event will take place on 10th October this year in Portland Atrium and will host a variety of guest organisations providing you with all the key information you need when living in the local community.

So part of our planning requires deciding who to invite, what information to provide and how to provide it to you – this is where you come in… the experts! We are asking all second year students to complete a short survey so we can find out what you want.

By completing this survey, you are not only contributing to making the experience of living off campus much easier and fun but you will be in for a chance of winning a £50 Amazon voucher.

We will send out the survey link to your university email accounts so look out for it! If you would like to complete the survey now please follow this link which will start the survey straight away:

 Click here to start the survey!


  • The survey will only take a few minutes to complete
  • You will be helping us to improve the experience for students living in the community
  • You will be in for the chance of winning a £50 Amazon voucher
  • So why not do it now?

 Thank you very much! We really appreciate your time!

 If you have any questions regarding this survey please feel free to comment on this blog or to email Rachel Patti, Off Campus Affairs Assistant at rachel.patti@nottingham.ac.uk

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