January 1, 2014, by NUBS Postgraduate Careers

Some career-focused New Year resolution ideas

By Beth Cooper

Happy New Year!!

As 2014 begins, this New Year will mean big changes for many of you as your plans, hopes and dreams start coming to fruition. Named January after the two-faced Roman god Janus, able to look forward as well as back at the same time, New Year resolutions can help to build a plan of action for the coming months. In no particular order:

  • Define your USP and understand what you have to offer as an individual
  • Make sure your CV sells ‘you’ and presents you professionally in the way you wish to be seen
  • Take every opportunity to mix with a different set of people, whether socially or professionally
  • Identify your target companies and really understand why you want to work for them (and no, because they are large, multi-national, highly-esteemed…are not reasons in themselves)
  • Show respect for your colleagues by being on time and having done any work expected of you, whether by a classmate or a lecturer
  • Ensure your network reflects where you want to be – how can you change it and start more conversations?
  • Do one thing each week to take you out of your comfort zone and experience something new
  • Volunteer and get involved in the local community
  • Sit next to someone different for each lecture
  • Plan your summer so it helps to get you where you want to be once you graduate
  • Even if it is cold, wet or snow on the ground, ensure you attend when you have committed to do so
  • If you’ve not yet led a group assignment, make sure you do so this semester
  • Decide on a Plan A, a Plan B and yes, maybe even a Plan C but remember life is full of surprises and embrace the unexpected

No doubt you’ve got lots of ideas as well but most importantly JUST DO IT!

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