September 14, 2017, by Liz Cass

Nottingham’s magic

One is a Russell Group institution with a world-class reputation and the other is a fictional British school of magic for students aged eleven to eighteen, but there are more than a few similarities between the University of Nottingham and Hogwarts.

Our short video explains the similarities.

  • We have our own quidditch team
  • We have a Professor Moody and a Professor Snape
  • Catered dining halls look like Hogwart’s Great Hall
  • We have our own Great Hall
  • We have a Great Lake too…
  • …Surrounded by the fabulous beasts of UoN
  • Each year we hold a TriCampus games which sounds a lot like the Triwizards Tournament

Prof Snape

Nottingham’s Quidditch team

One of our dining rooms

But while the motto of the University of Nottingham is Sapientia urbs conditur; (A city is built on wisdom)  the motto of Hogwarts is quite different: Draco dormiens nunquam titillandus; (Never Tickle a Sleeping Dragon). 

We think Nottingham has a magical appeal. Good luck to all first years and returning students!



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