March 30, 2015, by Charlotte Anscombe

Is Nick Clegg a hero? read Professor Steven Fielding’s review of the Channel 4 drama – The Coalition

During the week in which the election 2015 campaign really kicks off, Steven Fielding, Professor of of Political History, looks at the Channel 4 television drama by James Graham, which aired on Saturday 28 March.

‘The Coalition’ focuses on the five frenetic days between the 2010 election result and the formation ofBritain’s first post-war coalition governement, and the beginning of what was sold as a new kind of politics.

“The Coalition brings out the emotion, excitement and humour of those few days in May 2010, ones which puncture many of the populist stereotypes about our political class, ones which explain why the nation is currently yawning its way to another general election,” says Professor Fielding.

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