September 24, 2014, by Charlotte Anscombe

Off to a flying start

Students and staff will have the opportunity  to see The University of Nottingham’s hot air balloon in all its glory as part of this week’s welcome activities.

The G-NUNI Hot Air Balloon crew will have a stand at University Park between 10am – 4pm on Thursday 25 September as they are keen to promote the balloon and to gauge interest in the concept of setting up a new Hot Air Balloon Club to encourage new people into the wonderful sport of ballooning!

The team will be inflating and tethering the balloon at regular intervals throughout the day, and students and staff will have the chance to talk to the experts and find out more about what’s involved.

The University balloon was piloted by Dr Janet Folkes, a Senior Research Fellow and Lecturer in the Faculty of Engineering up until her death in 2012 following a long battle with breast cancer. Her dedicated team of supporters have resolved to keep the balloon flying and are hopeful that this promotional event will reinvigorate interest amongst students and staff alike so that the balloon may once more become a frequent sight in our skies and at some of the great ballooning events further afield.

If you are interested in seeing  the hot air balloon  then it will be located just off East Drive by the side of the Portland Building.

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