July 3, 2014, by Charlotte Anscombe

Nottingham makes its debut on Embarrassing Bodies

Tonight sees the first episode of the new series of the hit Channel 4 show – Embarrassing Bodies, and for the first time – scientists from the University will feature (in a purely academic way of course).

During two days of filming earlier this year, the crew from the show visited the University to speak to our experts in the Centre for Biomolecular Sciences.

Dr Glen Kirkham, a tissue engineering expert from the School of Pharmacy showed presenter Dr Christian how we could one day use 3D technology to rebuild parts of the human body and how different machines could be used to print different living tissues.

Dr Kirkham said: “The potential of this science for the future development of organ replacements is immense. There are still numerous technological challenges to overcome but we could begin to see limited clinical applications of these techniques for tissue repair within five to 10 years.

“Because the technology will take many years to develop, we showed our biological tube rolling device which could be used in the shorter term to make tissues such as veins.”

If you want to find out more about our 3D technology and how it can be used to help people, tune in to Embarrassing Bodies at 9pm tonight on Channel 4.

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