June 30, 2014, by Emma Thorne

Fireflies and tiger stripes: chemistry camp inspiring scientists of the future

By Mollie Plummer

What is it that makes fireflies glow? And how do tigers get their stripes?

These are the kind of questions that 120 students from across the UK will be aiming to answer when they have the chance to be scientists for two days at Salter’s Chemistry Camps for 15-year-olds taking place at the university this summer.

The camps aim to motivate students to develop awareness and a long term interest in the subject by running an action packed programme that enables students to participate in the fun of chemistry.

There will be a variety of new activities to tackle that will be available to each student, including purifying their own sample of anaesthetic in the “Stingcurb” task, and investigating chemiluminescence or “Cold Light” to find out what it is that makes fireflies glow!

Students will also explore the same oscillating reaction that gives tigers their stripes and take part in a “Complex Chemistry” task where they will delve into the fascinating world of Transition metal chemistry.

However, it isn’t all chemistry as there is also a varied social programme for the Campers which includes a lecture on “thunder and lightning”, a fun quiz and a campus walk for the students.

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