October 14, 2013, by Fraser

Helping students adjust to off campus life

The University of Nottingham is working with local residents, Broxtowe Borough Council, Nottinghamshire Police, Neighbourhood Watch and the Fire Service to welcome students to Beeston through two Evenings of Action.

Targeting Beeston North on Monday 14 October and Beeston Central on Thursday 17 October, student ambassadors will be out with representatives from partner agencies to speak to student residents about waste management, crime and fire prevention and being a good neighbour. Following on from this door-to-door activity, both permanent residents and student residents will be invited to local community centres to share coffee and cake and get to know each other.

The University’s off campus affairs assistant Rachel van Krimpen said: “We’ve been undertaking door-to-door campaigns in areas with high levels of student residence in the city for many years, and decided to expand this activity to specific areas of Beeston in response to consultation with local community members. The format of these evenings of action has been developed in consultation with local residents and councillors and we hope that it will be well-received by the local community.”

Andrea Oates, Beeston North Councillor for Broxtowe Borough Council, said: “I really welcome this initiative. Students are an important part of our community and as well as welcoming them to Beeston, I hope the meet-and-greet will help to promote good neighbour-relations with longer-term residents.”

Residents on Wallett Avenue, Marlborough Road and Boundary Road might find the team on their doorstep on Monday 14 October with tea and cake from 6pm at the Boundary Road Community Centre, and residents on Lower Road and Albert Road should expect a visit on Thursday 17 October with refreshments from 6pm at Highfields Fire Station. While these streets have been targeted specifically due to having a high level of student occupancy, any local residents are very welcome to come along to meet others living in the area and speak to the police, University, fire service and council representatives.

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