October 10, 2013, by Fraser

It’s all about dementia…

Nottingham’s Tom Dening is celebrating his recent professorship with an inaugural lecture all about the disease he’s dedicated his career to — dementia.

The lecture — Mrs Finch and the Fishbowl — concerns three journeys: Prof Dening’s own, the way in which current dementia research is heading, and dementia itself as a pathway from risk, prevention and diagnosis through to care homes and end of life care.

Prof Dening said: “It’s been very satisfying seeing dementia coming from being an afterthought in the back woods, or indeed the back wards of hospitals, to see it move up the agenda, political centre stage – it’s a complete turnaround from where I came in.

“The things that influenced my career choices were wanting to do things that were kind of unfashionable for groups of people I thought were important and neglected and didn’t get a fair deal.”

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