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Resister Cartoon

Cartoon from Resister : Leeds anarchist-feminist paper. Issue 11, January 1988. Feminist Publications Collection Periodicals HQ1193 RES

Cartoon from Resister : Leeds anarchist-feminist paper showing a woman reject the idea of buying a newspaper on the basis that they are about and for men.

Magazine cover from the Feminist Publications Collection - 'Revolutionary and Radical Feminist Newsletter'Magazine cover for 'WIRES no.162' from the Feminist Publications Collection. The magizine cover shows a large venus symbol with a fist in the centre.An black-and white icon which incorporates features of both the Venus symbol and a icon of a person in a wheelchairCover of 'Revolutionary and Radical Feminist Newsletter 8, Autumn '81', showing a crowd of men and a few women sitting at tables outside the cafe. A poster shows an image of a suspected rapist being sought by the police. All the men outside the café are identical to the man in the poster.Front cover of 'WIRES 134' bearing the message 'DISARM RAPISTS SMASH SEXISM' and an image of a woman kicking a man