November 29, 2019, by International students

Our scholarship experience — Developing Solutions scholars from Asia

In this blog post, students from Asia talk about their experiences of studying at the University of Nottingham, and receiving the Developing Solutions Masters Scholarship.

Sareena from India — Developing Solutions Masters Scholarship

Sareena from India

“The University of Nottingham an university of opportunities.I am doing my postgraduate studies at the university of Nottingham. From the day I started learning i.e. from when I first started school, I found that the best teachers are here at Nottingham. People are usually scared that Electrical Engineering is tough, but our engineering department is a leading Engineering department in the United Kingdom, and the teaching faculty is incredible. They really make you work hard. That may be difficult, but it really is a learning experience.”

Adeeba from Bangladesh — Developing Solutions Masters Scholarship

“Receiving this scholarship enabled me to complete a postgraduate degree from my dream university and furnish me with the right set of skills to flourish in a work environment. The scholarship application process is easy to understand, and the staff are extremely helpful with any queries.”

“In my two months in Nottingham, I have come across so many different people who are extremely eager to help. Moving to a new place can be very stressful, and I am glad I have the university staff and the students union to support and guide me through the whole process. Everyone is so understanding around here, it makes the process much easier, and you won’t feel unwelcome even for a minute!”

Suwaminathan from Sri Lanka — Developing Solutions Masters Scholarship

Suwaminathan from Sri Lanka

“After completing my undergraduate degree, I was very keen to follow postgraduate study in a specific area, but I realized that I could not make my dream a reality without the funding. Even though the cost of my postgraduate degree is worthwhile due to the benefits it brings, I was unable to afford to pay the tuition fees. I am from a commonwealth developing country, Sri Lanka, where it is hard enough to prioritize education as a number one choice. Thus, I have been awarded the Developing Solutions Masters Scholarship that has brought my dream to a reality. I am extremely pleased to undertake my postgraduate study at the well-esteemed and top-ranked University of Nottingham.”

Ujjwal from India — Developing Solutions Masters Scholarship

Ujjwal from India

“Getting a scholarship from the University of Nottingham is like a dream come true for me. The University of Nottingham is such an amazing university. Teachers and students are so helpful and accepting here. I have never felt that I am away from home. From the very first day, I felt at home. I have learned so my new things here. Research facilities and teaching methods at the university are amazing. Without this scholarship, it would not have been possible for me to come and study in one of the world’s best universities. I am very thankful to the University of Nottingham for this award and I feel proud to be a part of your community. I hope I will learn more skills here that will help me in establishing a school in my country for poor students.”

Ekta from India — Developing Solutions Masters Scholarship

“This scholarship has enabled me to access an education that I had dreamt of and worked towards. I am attending exceptional seminars under the guidance of excellent professors at the University of Nottingham and will forever be grateful for this opportunity.”

Isha from India — Developing Solutions Masters Scholarship

“I am grateful to the University of Nottingham for awarding me the Developing Solutions Masters Scholarship with 100% tuition fee coverage. It is indeed a driving force to pursue masters study with added passion and diligence. Nottingham as a place has been very warm and welcoming. The University of Nottingham is as good as I imagined it to be. The lectures, staff and fellow students are all great and I am looking forward to many more memorable experiences here.”


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