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Our scholarship experience — Developing Solutions scholars from Africa

In this blog post, students from Africa talk about their experiences of studying at the University of Nottingham, and receiving the Developing Solutions Masters Scholarship.

Theophilus from Ghana — Developing Solutions Masters Scholarship

Theophilus from Ghana

“It has always been my dream to pursue my Masters in the UK, but I didn’t really know which institution and how it was going to happen. After several months of research on the various top universities in the UK, I selected the University of Nottingham on the back of its strong support systems in place to enable international students to excel. After gaining admission, funding was now the challenge. I applied for the Nottingham Developing Solutions Scholarship in March 2019. The anxiety, sleepless nights and back and forth editing of essays eventually paid off when I received that email I had been waiting for on the 6th June, 2019. It was all tears of joy as the University of Nottingham made my dream a reality.

I am currently studying MSc Economic Development and Policy Analysis which focuses on applying development techniques to harness the growth potentials of developing countries. Having worked for the last two years as an Assistant Research Officer with the Ghana Chamber of Mines, I look forward to returning to the mining sector to contribute to evidence based policy formulation that will drive the performance of the sector.

I love the University of Nottingham!”

Anthony from Ghana — Developing Solutions Masters Scholarship

“Being awarded the University of Nottingham’s Developing Solutions Scholarship is my greatest achievement thus far and I’m privileged to be given the opportunity. This scholarship has offered me the platform to  engage with people of diverse cultural backgrounds and develop cordial relationships that will transcend our time on the University of Nottingham campus. With this scholarship, I get to experience academic excellence in the most serene environment I could ever wish for. Studying Clinical and Molecular Microbiology is a dream come true and I intend to make the most out of it.”

Charlene from Uganda — Developing Solutions Masters Scholarship

Charlene from Uganda

“Coming to Nottingham has been such a blessing. My first impression was made at the University; I could not believe the amount green before me as I moved around the University.

I am excited to be at this university because of the way lectures are carried out. The lecturers allow you to think beyond what is taught and this has led me to be more confident. I didn’t know I could come up with any idea and I like that all ideas are welcome because this keeps you thinking. I am forever grateful to the fact that lecturers are easily approached by students.

I am grateful to God that I still get to fellowship in a Christian society, and this has kept me sane. I have met so many people from different parts of the world and so there is opportunity to market my country in terms of tourism.

The transport system in town is very organised and I took a while to adjust to it. I was used to getting a motorbike as a means of transport in my country Uganda which made me a bit lazy, but this transport system has helped me manage my time effectively, because with here is no room for being late. Also, I love that there are walkways where I can take quiet walks and think.

I want to thank the University of Nottingham for enabling me to come and be part of this place. I am forever grateful, and may God bless you all.”

Amarachi from Nigeria — Developing Solutions Masters Scholarship

“It has been my desire to further my education beyond the shores of my country to enable me to share experience and advance my knowledge in my profession. The Developing Solutions Scholarship has provided me with the privilege to achieve this. It has been interesting. The balance between being under the tutelage of the academic staff and the challenge to do independent learning have all being motivating. Sharing experiences with students from other countries has been inspiring. I am gathering so much to put into my caring profession.”

Chidiogo from Nigeria — Developing Solutions Masters Scholarship

“The scholarship made it possible for me to study at one of the most prestigious universities in the UK. So far, my experience at Nottingham have been exceeded my expectations. Apart from the active learning process that takes place in and out of the lecture room, there are lots of opportunities to pursue your passion through the various student union societies and the state of the art sporting facilities at the David Ross Sports Village. I’m glad I chose to come to Nottingham.”

Abiola from Nigeria — Developing Solutions Masters Scholarship

Abiola from Nigeria

“The scholarship award gave me a rare opportunity of studying in a world class institution recognized globally for both teaching and research excellence. I relish the opportunity of being taught by academics who having distinguished themselves in their field, are always delighted to share their wealth of experience with others studying for a taught or research degree. I find my post-graduate study at Nottingham so enriching that what lies ahead is far beyond my imagination. I am really inspired and my hope of achieving a breakthrough in my chosen field, now seems more of reality than I ever thought.”

Gifty from Ghana— Developing Solutions Masters Scholarship

“This scholarship has brought into reality my desire to acquire advanced knowledge in midwifery and learn best practices in maternal and newborn health from the UK context to inform change in Ghana. My experience at Nottingham so far has been exciting. Teaching and learning have been great, new knowledge and skills have been acquired from my learned lectures and I am overwhelmed by their numerous support in diverse ways to help me achieve my academic goals. My exposure to the various teaching and learning materials and resources has also provided me the opportunity to be an independent learner. I am hopeful that by the end of my studies, I would be empowered to effect change in my home country.”

Angel from Tanzania — Developing Solutions Masters Scholarship

Angel from Tanzania

“I will never forget the day I received an email from the scholarship team explaining I had been selected to pursue my masters as a scholarship recipient. I remember crying tears of joy because I knew my life had changed that very instant. I feel blessed to be part of this world class university and if there is anything I can say to the young generation out there is this; here at the University of Nottingham you can make your dreams come true no matter where you come from, how you are or who you are. Believe it and make it happen!!”

Cynthia from Ghana— Developing Solutions Masters Scholarship

“This scholarships has helped my dream to come to reality.I had the wish to pursue my Masters in Midwifery but I did not have the means. With the 50% scholarship, now I am at the University of Nottingham studying my dream course. I am very grateful for the opportunity giving me.”

Maxwell from Ghana— Developing Solutions Masters Scholarship

“I must admit that without this award, my dream of studying in such a prestigious University like this would have remained just a dream. It has given me the opportunity to study in a developed country and be taught by leading research scientists in their field. I chose the University of Nottingham specifically because of their emphasis on a research oriented teaching as it is ranked 8th in the UK for research power. Being a member of the Russel Group, I thought that going to such a school will help shape my dreams of becoming a research scientist. I am studying MSc Biotechnology and I am hoping to further my studies after the course. I am really enjoying life here at the University of Nottingham and I am very much grateful for such a life changing opportunity.”


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