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Instagrammable Nottingham

We asked our student ambassadors Lupin, Vivian and Yulia to share their favourite photogenic spots of Nottingham with us. Here are their top picks of places to take yourself (and your camera) when you arrive in Nottingham:

1.) Nottingham sign – Yulia and Vivian
What better way to show off that you study here than a picture with the big Nottingham sign? Be it alone, with friends or on graduation day, everybody will take one at some point. This is a must on you Instagram if you truly consider yourself a proud UoN student. This place is great for three reasons: one – it is made of photos, which are fun to examine in attempt to find something to relate to, second – it’s bright and colourful,surrounded by greenery, which makes it a perfect photo spot in a sunny day, and third – it says “Nottingham”! Go check it out and make a lifelong memory!









2) Old Market Square – Yulia and Lupin
Old Market Square, one of the most iconic places in Nottingham in the heart of the city. From age old pubs, fancy restaurants and shopping places to fairs which are set up in the main square are a treat for everyone. This beautiful busy place hosts most of Nottingham’s festivals and fairs, so there’s always something new to check out. Winter Wonderland and Beach Festival are the biggest examples. Being right in the city centre, Nottingham’s shopping streets spread out from here in all directions and even the most distant shops can be reached in no time at all. The most memorable thing about the Old Market Square is the clock tower, the clock tower bell will calm your senses. In ordinary days Old Market Square is a great place to grab a coffee and sit outside near the fountain watching the city.










4) Kitty Cafe – Yulia
Situated in the heart of Nottingham, Kitty Cafe offers a great way to escape from busy student life. I am a huge animal lover, and I’m very used to having pets around, so this place has definitely made my Nottingham experience happier. All of my many visits have been very fun, but the most memorable ones were when the cafe was a home to little playful kittens, some of whom were just a few weeks old. I believe connecting with animals really helps to cope with stress level, and leaves tons of good memories, photos and videos of cats playing around. The atmosphere there is super positive and relaxed… and they serve the best popcorn cappuccino!










4) Wollaton Hall and Deer Park – Lupin and Vivian
Wollaton Hall is one of the best places in Nottingham to relax and chill. The exterior of the hall also features in the Hollywood blockbuster ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ and is known as the Wayne Manor or the ‘Home of Batman’ in the fictional movie series. The best memory I have from first year is spending an afternoon in Wollaton Park with my best friend, visiting the museum and trying on the clothes in the kids area pretending we were duchesses. A must go in Nottingham!















5) Highfields Park and Boating Lake, University of Nottingham – Yulia, Vivian and Lupin
If you want to see University Park from a whole new perspective, make sure you go boating on the lake at least once during your time in Nottingham. It’s the perfect way to de-stress after an exam, have some fun with your friends or take someone on a date.

Apart from its stunning green and blue landscapes, it offers a few options to brighten your day, including mini-golf. It’s another popular spot to watch animals and take pictures for #beastsofuon! Ducks, geese, swans, coots on the lake, crazy friendly squirrels in the trees and bunnies on the ground! You can even give squirrels some nuts to enjoy!



















6) Trent Building, University of Nottingham – Lupin
Here stands the signature Trent building of the University of Nottingham. The building had a royal inauguration by King George V and Queen Mary. Also, famous dignitaries such as Albert Einstein have lectured in the building and his lecture notes are still on display on a blackboard kept in the Department of Physics and Astronomy. When in the vicinity of the Trent building, listen to the clock tower bell which is so calming.







7) Copper – Yulia
Top of my brunch list! I wait for my weekends to come so that I can finally enjoy my smashed avocado brunch. Great atmosphere and awesome food make this place very popular and highly instagrammable, whether you’re looking to take a nice picture next to the bar or to make your followers jealous by posting your food pics. They also serve the most delicious sticky toffee stout pudding I’ve ever tried, so do order it if you are a big desert lover like me.

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