July 15, 2019, by International students

International Alumni Stories: Sameer from Bangladesh

I am Sameer Safwan, born and raised in Dhaka, Bangladesh and had the wonderful opportunity to complete my Undergrad and Postgrad studies in the prestigious University of Nottingham.

After completing my O and A levels from Dhaka, while researching Universities amongst the top 10 in the UK for Economics, Nottingham was right up there. I was mesmerized by the culture, heritage, campus, research and other wonderful things that this truly amazing University had to offer. Soon enough, I was on a plane set to attend 3-4 years of my life in this place that would shape up my life forever.

Being an undergrad I was guaranteed accommodation in student halls in the lush university Park Campus that is one of the most beautiful places that one can reside in during University life. The Hall life provided a great opportunity to mix with students from everywhere and soak in the multicultural aspect of this university. Be it hall dinners, games or parties, all of these actually built a sense of community and provided that extra moral support for a teenager in a new country and campus. The education was world class with renowned lecturers and professors sharing  their  knowledge and ensuring students sustained their passion for the discipline they had enrolled in. The teaching method of auditorium lectures combined with smaller class based tutorials was absolutely effective and fun. There were great libraries across campus that provided the perfect conclave when you required to study hard for that extra mile or just cherished that quiet environment.

Apart from academia, The University is Nottingham provided great extra curricular opportunities. The best part was that these activities could also account for non modular credits that eventually culminated in the Nottingham Advantage Award that was a badge provided to students who had gone above and beyond their academics and hinted something extra to potential employers. Fortunately my passion towards playing cricket was nurtured in this university as I joined the men’s cricket club. Moreover, I was instrumental with the help of my fellow Bangladeshis to open the first Bangladesh Society in this University and became president of that. The Bangladeshi society brought together everyone with a zeal for the Bengali culture and hosted dinner nights, fun games and outings that helped the Bengali student community thrive on campus as well. One of my most cherished moments during my undergrads was to captain the Bangladesh society cricket team during the cricket tournament and reach the finals.

After graduation, I immediately enrolled for my masters and with the help of a great student peer group and teaching faculty managed to come out with flying colours.

The 4 year Nottingham experience is something that I treasure every day. The experience, taught me a lot about introspection, strength in diversity, leadership and teamwork. These are some of the skills that I have definitely brought into my first job, in which I have sustained for 5 years now. I joined Standard Chartered Bank Bangladesh in the prestigious International Graduate Program in 2014 that is considered to be one or the most coveted corporate graduate trainee programs in the country. The program allowed me to train for a month in the sprawling city of Shanghai for a month and has since challenged me in my every day life.

Today I am an Associate Director in Commercial Banking looking after the financing of some of the most recognized RMG clients in Bangladesh. I truly believe The University of Nottingham has had a huge role in shaping up my ideas, persona and aspirations. Given the opportunity to go back in time, I would not think twice to go back to The University of Nottingham.


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