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International Student Ambassador: Aisha from Nigeria

Our International Student Ambassadors provide campus tours, telephone calls and social media for international students preparing to study at Nottingham. Aisha is from Nigeria and is studying a Development Economics PhD. Here are her thoughts on life at Nottingham.

Why did you choose the University of Nottingham?

I admire the University of Nottingham for its global research excellence, diverse academic community and interdisciplinary approach to knowledge development. The academic atmosphere at Nottingham does not only stimulate interdisciplinary and cutting-edge research, but contributes immensely to fulfilling my dream.

What is your favourite thing about the University of Nottingham?

The University of Nottingham has very beautiful campuses with numerous magnificent structures like the Trent and Portland Buildings, David Ross Sports Village and needless to mention the Jubilee Campus buildings. Also, the University of Nottingham epitomizes a vibrant academic community that is rich and diverse. These are a few among many favourite things I found in the University of Nottingham.

What is the best thing about your course?

The best thing about my course is that it tasks my intellectual creativity and broadens my understanding of local and global development challenges. My course fits well with my career aspirations; local and global citizen development goals.

Did you receive a scholarship?

Yes, the School of Economics Teaching Assistant Research Scholarship

What was your first impression of the University of Nottingham?

Although the University of Nottingham met my expectations, my first impression upon arrival was that the campus was an outstanding centre of academic excellence. The University’s Hallward Library is the largest I have seen in my entire academic journey. It sent a signal of the robust nature of academic learning and the extent of academic support available at the tip of student’s fingers. It is also worth mentioning that Hallward Library is just one of eight other libraries spread across the UK campuses.

What do you do with your spare time, and what are your hobbies?

I like meeting new people and sharing my University experience as much as I can to encourage others. I also like hanging out with friends.

What societies have you got involved with?

The Nottingham Islamic Society and Nigerian Students’ Society

What do you like about Nottingham as a city?

Nottingham is a safe place and one of the most multi-cultural cities in the UK. There are lots of exciting places to go to during your spare time, whether you want to hang out with friends or take your mind off study stress.

What is your experience so far of the University of Nottingham?

My experience so far has been both amazing and rewarding. Opportunities to broaden my intellectual horizon and to advance my career have always been knocking and I have always taken advantage of them.

What is your experience of accommodation in Nottingham?

There is a wide range of accommodation options to choose from, ranging from self-catered to catered halls. There is always something available which meets your requirements. Just make your needs clear and it will be adequately accommodated. There are also wardens and senior resident tutors readily available to attend to any challenges you might have, this is alongside a 24-hour security service on campus. Furthermore, there is a wide range of off-campus student accommodation which is University managed and also in the private sector which is usually within walking distance to respective campuses.

What have you learnt from being a student at the University of Nottingham?

A lot. Experience they say, is the best teacher. I have learned more about effective time management and how to prioritize and strike a good balance between academic work, life and leisure.

What are you planning to do next with your career?

I hope to remain in academia and integrate into a network of academics engaging with policy, processes and projects at the intersection of gender, energy and sustainable development.

What would be your top tips for a new international student starting at the University of Nottingham in their first year?

Read and internalize the university prospectus, get connected with the International Office and get involved with student societies you share interests in.

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