February 23, 2018, by International students

International Student Ambassador: Edith from Hong Kong

Our International Student Ambassadors provide campus tours, telephone calls and social media for international students preparing to study at Nottingham. Edith is from Hong Kong and is studying MPharm Pharmacy. Here are her thoughts on life at Nottingham.

Why did you choose the University of Nottingham?

I chose University of Nottingham due to its highly reputable name in pharmacy, ranking 6th in the world in the 2017 QS World Rankings for pharmacy and pharmacology. Its pioneering 5-year course in pharmacy with an integrated pre-registration training is also a big attraction. It proposes that this scheme would allow students to better integrate their training and their academic studies together, leading to better preparation for students to become qualified professionals.

What is your favourite thing about the University of Nottingham?

My favourite thing is the wide variety of societies our university provides. There’s a society (or a couple, even!) for everyone! It ranges from sports to faculties, cultural to interests… almost anything you can think of! Some societies are very active and have weekly meet ups – it’s a great chance to meet people outside of your course that share common interests with yourself. If you’re passionate enough to want to help out the society you’ve been active in, you can even join the committee and become one of the people in charge of organizing events for members of the society! I’ve done so myself and have met some great people on my committee through working on various projects together.

What is the best thing about your course?

One of best things about our course is how they’ve integrated what we have to learn into modules called DMP (Drug, Medicines, Patient). Through learning the essential aspects (e.g. Pharmacology, Chemistry, Clinical practice) targeted to specific groups of diseases (e.g. Dyspepsia, Cancer), it allows us to better connect and apply our knowledge when asked about specific diseases, making sense of how we could use this in real life when become qualified professionals. Most importantly, our course also provides placements throughout each academic year, giving us exposure to the different settings pharmacists may be working in. Our faculty also provides observational placements with other healthcare professionals so that we are able to understand and appreciate the roles of other professionals in the multi-disciplinary healthcare team.

What societies have you got involved with?

I’m the general secretary of Korean society. I’m also part of ABACUS (Association of British and Chinese University Students), Japanese and Sign language society. In terms of sports, I’m occasionally active in badminton socials, swing dancing and have once participated in the Ski varsity trip organized by the UoN Snowsports Society.

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