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Halal food in Nottingham

Ismail Sadurdeen

Ismail Sadurdeen, Nottingham graduate and former Students’ Union President (2016-17)  shares his recommendations for Halal food and Halal dining in Nottingham.

Food is a very important part of all our lives. As a Muslim who follows Halal, leaving the comforts of home cooked food and moving to a western country was a difficult choice. Growing up in Colombo, Sri Lanka, I had plenty of Halal food options but today I would like to share with you my experience of finding Halal food in Nottingham.

So where can you buy Halal meat in Nottingham?

I would recommend for meat:

  1. Sheriff and Sons (Hyson Green) – Great to buy spices from home.
  2. ASDA (Hyson Green) – Has a huge Halal aisle.
  3. Kaya Food Centre (Canning Circus) – This is a 24-hour Turkish supermarket.

Hyson Green is popular amongst the BME (Black and Minority Ethnicity) people – as you can find loads of exotic flavours. It’s about a 30-minute walk from Raleigh Park accommodation near Jubilee Campus.

Furthermore, supermarkets such as the TESCO on Ilkeston Road near Raleigh Park also stock Halal.

On campus

All retail units on campus now stock Halal sandwiches and food for other dietary requirements and intolerances. My favourite places to eat on campus which serve Halal are in the Portland Building food court, University Park, including:

  1. Café 56
  2. Chicken Joes
  3. Caribbean Item 7

If you live in catered halls of residence you can especially request for Halal food before you move into your hall.

During Ramadan, the Nottingham Islamic Society organises free iftar. They also conduct Tarahweeh prayers (special night prayers) throughout Ramadan, Eid celebrations, parties and social events throughout the year.

My favourite picks of Halal restaurants

  1. Pan Asia BBQ – South East Asian
  2. Marrakech – Moroccan
  3. KFC, Alfreton Road – fast food
  4. Tamatanga – Indian

I am also big seafood and vegetarian fan so whenever I am out I just order the non-meat options if the restaurant does not serve Halal.

Nottingham is constantly growing and there are way more restaurants and places which serve Halal since I began my life as a student here.

I can say with confidence that you will not go hungry while you are here in Nottingham!

Students of all faiths at the Islamic Society’s Community Open Iftar in June 2016

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