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Haydn Green Institute wins Lord Dearing Award

We’re delighted to announce that the Haydn Green Institute received the Team award at the University of Nottingham’s Lord Dearing Awards this year, celebrating excellence in Learning and Teaching. The Lord Dearing Award Scheme has, since 1999, recognised the outstanding achievements of University of Nottingham staff in enhancing the student learning experience.

“It’s fantastic for the team to be recognised by the Lord Dearing Award Scheme,” said Dr Hannah Noke, Deputy Director of the Haydn Green Institute. “For over 22 years, HGI has developed both exceptional entrepreneurial education for our students and wide-reaching community engagement programmes. This award highlights the contribution HGI is making to the University of Nottingham and to the Business School.”

The HGI team incorporates both academics and APM staff, working collaboratively to deliver across teaching, research and external engagement, to help deliver the university’s priorities for entrepreneurship and innovation. Dr Noke explained how this teamwork-centred approach underpins HGI’s teaching: “We are a vibrant teaching community, placing excellent student experience at our heart,” she said. “Our impact stems from HGI colleagues working together – driven by a willingness to support each other – to deliver our wide-ranging portfolio of activities.”

This collaborative pillar extends beyond the HGI team to bring in others from businesses, entrepreneurs in residence, Professors of Practice and public-sector organisations, each contributing their own unique insight and expertise to the student journey, which in turn help to fuel entrepreneurial and innovation skills.

HGI’s pedagogy is driven by its team-teaching approach, created through having teaching ‘families’ and co-convenorship. Not only does this create an environment that supports innovative teaching where cross fertilization of ideas is the norm, but where research is embedded in module content. One example of this in practice is a recent new module, “Entrepreneurship for Social Change”, which was co-designed and co-delivered by  academics and colleagues from the Ingenuity Programme (including Claire Mulholland). Led by Dr Isobel O’Neil, who attracted funding from Enterprise Educators UK, the module deploys an innovative portfolio to support students develop a social impact venture idea. Echoing the cross-fertilisation, the portfolio will be amended to become an integral tool for the 2024 Ingenuity Programme.

Students on the Entrepreneurship for Social Change module.

HGI’s work is not restricted to the UK, its reach extends to students across the University of Nottingham (including Ningbo and Malaysia campuses) as well as into local and national communities (the Ingenuity Programme), local SMEs (HM Government’s Help to Grow scheme) and large organisations (Tarmac). Its outreach activities further extend to STEM PhD, post-docs and technicians wishing to develop their entrepreneurial competencies through the Your Entrepreneurs Scheme (YES). The breadth of HGI’s activities was recently singled out in the Small Business Charter’s (SBC) reaccreditation report: “the dedicated Ingenuity Lab plays an important and holistic role in supporting the graduate start-ups and SMEs in the local ecosystem.”

Inclusive Entrepreneurship is central to HGI’s offerings, with examples including the Charter for Inclusive Entrepreneurship led by Dr Lorna Treanor, and the Witty Entrepreneurial Scholarship (a £1 million endowment from Sir Andrew and Lady Witty) which supports promising undergraduate entrepreneurial students from lower-income backgrounds at the university. The Witty programme provides mentoring to build the confidence, networks and entrepreneurial skills of participating Witty scholars. It awards small but impactful grants to help students, for example, pay for train fares to interviews, workwear, IT equipment or to support their fledgling start-up.

Dr Lorna Treanor at the Charter for Inclusive Entrepreneurship East Midlands launch

As well as being recognised as a Team, HGI celebrates the recognition of its Director of Teaching, Dr David Achtzehn, who received an Individual Award for his teaching this year. “At HGI we care deeply about our students and it is an honour to have been recognised along with my esteemed colleagues for the passion we share in developing and delivering meaningful learning experiences,” said Dr Achtzehn.

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