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April 5, 2024, by aezdb

Adventures: Exploring Ingenuity Lab at the University of Nottingham

By Serena Liu, Ingenuity Lab Manager, University of Nottingham Ningbo China 

During my visit to the Ingenuity Lab at the University of Nottingham Business School in autumn 2023, I had the privilege of visiting The Ingenuity Lab led by Dr Terri Holloway and got to meet in person my esteemed colleagues Rachel Bedrock and Dr José Francisco González. 

What struck me first was the Ingenuity Lab itself as it provides an innovative and thriving space designed to foster collaboration and creativity. There, university students, staff, and alumni are provided with the necessary support and mentorship to explore their entrepreneurial aspirations. Whether it is access to co-working spaces, idea generation rooms, or networking events, the Ingenuity Lab fosters a vibrant ecosystem where entrepreneurs can turn their ideas into reality. However, this would not be possible without the sense of inclusiveness, and mutual support between the Ingenuity Lab members that Terri and Rachel foster within the Ingenuity Lab and the support of The Haydn Green Institute for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (HGI).  

The Lab’s ecosystem is further enhanced by the unique way HGI seamlessly integrates teaching, research, practice, and support for entrepreneurs. With dedicated teams focusing on different aspects such as teaching, research, and programmes like the Young Entrepreneur Scheme, the Ingenuity Programme, and the Witty Entrepreneurial Scholarship, HGI ensures a holistic approach that promotes inclusive entrepreneurship and sustainable innovations.  

My experience visiting the Ingenuity Lab and HGI has provided valuable insights that I am eager to help implement at the University of Nottingham Ningbo Campus, some of the insights include the diversity of developmental programmes tailored for entrepreneurs at different stages of their journey such as The Link and Scale, and the valuable input of experienced industry leaders and entrepreneurs (known as Entrepreneurs in Residence) and world-leading academics into these programmes.  

As a member of the University of Nottingham’s global community, I am excited to explore the potential for tri-campus collaborations and knowledge exchange and I am sure that the Ingenuity Lab can be a catalyst for facilitating these collaborations because by tapping into the collective talent and resources of our tri-campus network, we can amplify our impact and address global challenges more effectively. 

Kok Wei Khong, Dean of Nottingham University Business School, added “The Ingenuity Lab at Nottingham University Business School is integral to our Tri-Campus strategy, serving as an intellectual and innovative hub that connects our students and alumni globally. It facilitates the exchange of ideas and cultivates entrepreneurial skills necessary for the global business environment. Our approach through the Lab emphasises collaboration and practical learning, preparing our students to navigate and lead effectively in diverse business contexts. This initiative reflects our commitment to providing a world-class education that is not only academically rigorous but also resonant with the demands of responsible business leadership.” 

HGI Director, Simon Mosey, added – “It was fantastic to welcome Serena to the UK Ingenuity Lab, and I am excited to see what opportunities are seized across the three campuses. Our research shows that innovation is driven by diversity and so I am optimistic that the diversity of lived experiences of lab members across three very vibrant entrepreneurial settings will lead to amazing outcomes.” 

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A sunny day at Jubilee campus

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