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Entrepreneur to Employer? – Dr David Achtzehn and Dr Robert Wapshott

New research project seeks entrepreneurs to tell their stories

Entrepreneurs and their ventures are vital contributors to economies around the world. A big part of this contribution is in providing significant numbers of jobs. Governments, business support providers and academics know quite a bit about effective management practices in new and small enterprises and how these contribute to business success. However, we know surprisingly little about just how an entrepreneur goes about becoming an employer. This significant knowledge gap of how small ventures develop is the focus of a new research project by researchers at the Haydn Green Institute (University of Nottingham) and the University of Stirling Management School.

Thinking about recruiting an employee can be stimulated by many factors, business and personal. Reasons might include responding to increased business demand, seeking a better work-life balance, pursuing other business projects, or accepting that there are only 24 hours in a day!

Taking on the first employee often represents a critical juncture in the life of a business and the role of the entrepreneur as business owner. It is one of the largest steps into the unknown a venture will ever make. The entrepreneur is faced with the legal responsibilities of hiring, being an employer, not to mention the practical tasks of managing an employee. Perhaps less obviously, the entrepreneur as an employer might feel added responsibilities like generating enough business to sustain any jobs they have created.

Such an important step in the venture is unlikely to be taken lightly and might reflect part of a wider process. Many considerations can come into play such as the business’s needs, the entrepreneur’s personal preferences and a range of further matters that might lead them to make that appointment. Equally, some entrepreneurs might finally decide to not go ahead and hire but to find other solutions to the challenges they have identified.

It is important for policymakers and business support providers to understand the different strategies entrepreneurs adopt. Without clear understanding of these aspects, how can laws be framed effectively and appropriate support be put in place?

We are interested in understanding the processes of how an entrepreneur becomes an employer. To do this we are interested in speaking to business owners about this topic. You might have a clear plan in place or just be thinking broadly about it for the future. Perhaps you have recently gone through the process and could tell us about your experiences? Maybe you are using freelance workers having decided not to hire? Either way the team would love to hear from you and tell you more about the project.

Please contact Dr David Achtzehn and Dr Robert Wapshott for further information.

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