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Ingenuity 2020

Ingenuity 2020 has launched, a national programme looking to invest in the next generation of impact-driven start-ups that will transform society and the environment.

Since 2016, Ingenuity’s mission has been to find bold new ideas that make a difference to the world we live in. And while previous editions had been limited to University of Nottingham students and alumni, the 2020 programme has been rolled out across the country for the first time.

With a range of national and regional activity planned with partner universities across the Midlands, South Coast and West of England, we are looking for great ideas that could help drive the UK’s recovery from coronavirus and help rebuild a better society, economy and climate in the post-Covid world.

We evolved the Ingenuity programme as we believe passionately that business should be for good, and about creating businesses with purpose, creating positive societal and environmental change as well as economic growth.  We also believe that these opportunities should be for all, and so the University of Nottingham are committed to widening access and creating a truly diverse programme.  For you it means working with those from a variety of experiences and backgrounds, working together, and committing to helping build back better.

Running from September 2020 to March 2021, Ingenuity is a great opportunity to discover and develop an idea, and then gain the knowhow and skills to create your own business. As we emerge from the global crisis created by the Covid-19 pandemic, Ingenuity and its partners are committed to explore the big issues we face and help drive recovery to rebuild our economy and society.

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The Programme is centred around four key Challenges – Improve Health, Create Prosperity, Build Community and Tackle Climate Change – and has been designed to be accessible to people with a range of experiences and professional/academic backgrounds. The Develop Platform will provide entrants with all the tools, training and knowledge needed to set up a new business venture.

How can people from the University take part?

Ingenuity is open to students, staff, researchers and graduates from across the university. There are three pathways they can choose to take part:

Future Founders: students, alumni and researchers wanting to set up their own impact-driven start-up.

Regional Pioneers: staff who want to volunteer to be part of the programme and learn more about social innovation and help the university have greater civic impact.

Mentoring: senior staff (academic and professional services) who want to volunteer to mentor and support the development news ideas. We are looking for business experts and sector specialists for this role.

Join us to help change the way we live – sign up today at

Steve Chapman is Director of the Ingenuity Programme.

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