July 31, 2020, by aczjb1

Ingenuity Lab members complete 2020 Scale Programme

Over the past five weeks, thirteen Ingenuity Lab members have been taking part in our new accelerator programme, Scale, with the goal of taking their business to the next level.

Running for the first time, the objective of the accelerator programme is to ensure Lab members’ businesses are viable, innovative and scalable post-Covid, learning how to overcome perceived barriers to scaling their business.

“The SCALE programme is dynamically designed, systematically organised, and delivered with optimal mix of didactic talks and interactive group learning”, said Jun Xia, who runs Systematic Review Solutions Ltd from the Ingenuity Centre. “The multi-disciplinary EIR team brought the audience a feast of essential knowledge in scaling up a small business. Attending the programme has enhanced my understanding in a range of areas of business operation, in particular, enhanced my strategic planning skill.”

Support came from five Entrepreneurs in Residence, who generously lent their time to mentor participants, as well as academic staff from the Haydn Green Institute delivering seminars on issues like marketing, HR and scaling financial processes.

“I have been on so many start-up business courses”, said Anika Vassell, of Teen-Behaviour.com. “I didn’t know that there was more to learn, I just thought that you were on your own, but there is so much more to grapple with for the next stage. Once you’ve figured out that you need a cashflow forecast, there is so much more that you need, so this has been incredible, honestly.”

“Delivering the Scale programme, The Ingenuity Lab’s accelerator programme, has been an absolute dream come true for me”, said Ingenuity Lab Manager Dr Terri Holloway. “Seeing our businesses grow to the next stage of success is simply a phenomenal thing to witness and I and all of the HGI contributors, including our academics and EIR’s have been so proud to be a part of their success. Well done Scale Cohort 1. It’s onwards and upwards from here!”

If you want to know more about the Ingenuity Lab, visit our website at: https://www.nottingham.ac.uk/business/businesscentres/hgi/ingenuity-lab/about-the-ingenuity-lab.aspx

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