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Welbeck Estate Trip

To mark the start of the Spring semester, students on the MSc Entrepreneurship Programmes at HGI embarked on a trip to Welbeck Estate. The purpose of the trip was to learn from the diverse entrepreneurial environment that distinguishes the area, as well as seeing some historic local landmarks and bonding with fellow course-mates.

The day was centred around a series of founder talks from three local businesses. Marketing company Storycatchers, the Harley Gallery and local upmarket bakery, the Welbeck Bakehouse, all gave presentations to the students, each describing their work on the Estate. These included details about the historical significance of the Welbeck centre, the process of growing a marketing agency, and efforts of the Welbeck artisanal bakery that supplies fresh bread to many businesses in Nottingham.


The founders were kind enough to share not only their business experience but also their personal entrepreneurial journeys and the accompanying useful skillset, which was of great value to the budding entrepreneurs. They suggested being creative with career choices, developing strategic leadership and problem-solving skills, and advised that business plans should be concise, flexible and realistic.

After the presentations, the students were treated to seasonal soups and locally made breads, chutneys and cheeses, before spending the afternoon exploring the Estate’s landmarks – visiting the Harley Gallery, Welbeck Farm Shop and finally Rufford Abbey country park.

The Harley Gallery, Welback Estate


“The escape from grueling finals and exams was exactly the mental release that we needed to revitalise ourselves and begin a fresh start into our second semester at the University of Nottingham”, said MSc student. Marvat Abdelrahim. “From the moment we walked into the property, we could feel that the stone walls had grand old tales to tell about the vast, green countryside of Nottinghamshire. Indeed, the kindness and generosity of the people there radiated, as we found our way into the Estate, where we were greeted and presented with historical stories, and lessons about struggle and success.”

Jassmen Soufi added “The trip was a valuable chance to gain more knowledge about these various and unique entrepreneurial opportunities. It also offered us the chance to meet and bond with students from different courses, setting us off on an excellent start to the new academic term.”

The Welbeck Estate

Thanks to Marvat and Jassmen, as well as Ellie Gan, Charlene Nagawa and Chidiogo Mbonu for their input to this blog.

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