July 1, 2019, by The Ingenuity Lab

Proodle’s Story: Our last six months

“The road to success is always under construction” – Lily Tomlin

It’s no hidden secret that building a business is incredibly hard work, and no one knows this more so than the businesses that tirelessly create, build and develop their innovations at the Ingenuity Lab.

We’ve had some great news from one of our Ingenuity Lab businesses, Proodle Solutions, recently. We caught up with them to see how their hard work, drive and commitment was paying off…

“In the recent months, we at Proodle Solutions have been delighted by the progress that has been made in both the development of our product and the recognition we have received by respected bodies.

Having gone through the international student enrolment process myself, I saw an opportunity to enhance the application experience for the current generation of digital natives by building a unique mobile application which allows universities to make their mark and stand out as the best institution in a highly saturated market. Using tools to personalise messaging, analyse user behaviour and update content in real-time, universities can reshape their entire relationship with prospects through optimising their enrolment experience and increasing satisfaction levels like never before.

Last month, we were thrilled to have won three major awards at the Ingenuity19 Competition: the Santander Enterprise Award, the Experian Commercial Potential Prize, and the Sainsbury Management Fellows Award. These awards recognise businesses that demonstrate the most potential, aim to create significant commercial impact and have produced innovative engineering solutions.

Steven Chapman, Ingenuity Event Director, states, “We have been delighted by the progress of Proodle within the event and proud that one of the businesses that we have work with over the past few years has been recognised for their innovation and hard work.  We are keen to take them on the next stage of their journey and expect great success.”

In addition to the winning these prestigious awards, we have had the good fortune of having a team of successful entrepreneurs, such as Alan Morris, the co-founder of Retail Assist Limited, and Mujeeb Rahman, the Director of SIRIO Business Transformation, advising us on effective growth strategies. Most recently, Proodle Solutions has established connections with the esteemed Sir John Peace, the Lord-Lieutenant of Nottinghamshire.

Currently, Proodle Solutions is in the negotiation stage with the Chief Marketing Officers of three Russell Group Universities, who are interested in piloting the product to enhance their international student recruitment efforts. We have continued to attract the interest of senior management teams of higher education institutions with two other top-tier universities recently expressing an interest to work with the company.

It is with the support of the Ingenuity Lab at the University of Nottingham that we have managed to come so far with our product and grow a team of tenacious professionals who are enthusiastic about the same vision that brought Proodle Solutions into existence.

If you would like to know more about how Proodle can digitally influence your international recruitment efforts, email us at ask@proodlesolutions.com or give us a call on +447776557159. Alternatively, visit our recently updated website at www.proodlesolutions.com to find more information.”


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