January 22, 2019, by The Ingenuity Lab

Ingenuity19: The Smallwood Innovation Prize

Additional free spaces have just been released at Ingenuity19 for projects focusing on reducing the number of UK women in poverty

  • Nearly half of single-parent households are living in poverty – 86% of single parents are female.

  • 60% of employees on low pay and 73% of part time employees are women.

(Women’s Budget Group)

Poverty disproportionally affects women. Ingenuity19 are teaming up with the Smallwood Trust to find sustainable, community-based ideas that can tackle the barriers faced by women living in poverty and create better lives, opportunity and outcomes.

“In the UK, 2.5 million women live in persistent poverty. A report funded by Smallwood and released by the Women’s Budget Group states that the position of women in the labour market, their entitlement to welfare and benefits and women’s role within the family all play a part in women’s disproportionate vulnerability to poverty. The purpose of the Smallwood funding into Ingenuity19 is to generate and fund innovative ideas that can tackle the root causes of gendered poverty. By getting involved in Ingenuity19 we wish to challenge talented teams and consortiums, including individuals, third sector organisations, academics, economists, businesses and statutory bodies to develop and trial practical ideas that have the future potential to deliver systemic change.”

Paul Carbury, Chief Executive, The Smallwood Trust

Thanks to additional support from the Smallwood Trust we are now able to offer free places to those wanting to create community based enterprises that target support of women in low-income communities in the UK. We are also delighted to announce 2 x £10,000 prizes to help launch projects and start to create lasting social change.

For more information please contact Elizabeth Smith lizzie.smith@nottingham.ac.uk or apply to take part via the Ingenuity19 Community Bursary: https://ingenuity.wufoo.com/forms/ingenuity19-community-registration/

For more information on Ingenuity19, about the opportunity to be part of the ground-breaking ideas and enterprise generation event see the Ingenuity19 website www.nottingham.ac.uk/ingenuity19.

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