January 7, 2019, by The Ingenuity Lab

Ingenuity19: The Future of Industry and Data

How does technology enable interaction? How do we prepare for the emerging role of artificial intelligence, machine learning and the Internet of Things? And how will future societies function with these technologies?

In our Future Technology Summit, we’ll look at all of this and more, while helping participants to create scalable, global solutions to make Nottingham a thriving ‘Tech City’. By exploring tech-related consumer trends, we’ll discover how participants can build their own technology businesses. Finally, we’ll explore humans’ ongoing relationship with technology, and how this knowledge can be used to create future-proofed, Nottingham-based businesses with global impact.

Louise Maynard-Atem will share her observations on where she sees industry progressing, the role and increasing importance of data, as well as offering a ‘millennial’ perspective.  In particular she will look at how we can use our rapid technological advances to power a better future for all, both economically and socially. With the Future Tech summit just around the corner, we sat down with Louise to hear a bit about her story and why she’s excited about this year’s Ingenuity event…

“Ingenuity19 brings together brilliant minds from all different backgrounds; that’s the only way that really hard problems, like the ones our society is facing at the moment, get solved. It also serves as inspiration to future entrepreneurs and innovators, showing them how they can use their skills to drive real change.”

Louise Maynard-Atem, Innovation Specialist, 
Data Exchange, Experian

We’re currently living in the most technologically advance era in history; the pace of change and disruption only seems to be increasing, and yet inequality (by most measures) is only getting worse. Now, more so than ever, we have the skills, technology and capabilities to have a massive impact on the world around us – and we need to harness all of that potential to solve more than just commercial problems. Social innovation is of vital importance, as it has the potential to create a fairer and more equal world – which can only lead to an improvement in outcomes in all fields.

Having studied chemistry for many years (half of which were at the University of Nottingham), working in the innovation space felt like a natural fit for me. I’ve always gravitated towards trying things that haven’t been done before and new ways of doing things – whether that’s using new technologies, or applying new business models to existing products and services – so working in innovation teams of large companies gives me both the freedom to try ideate around problems, as well as the opportunity to implement and scale these ideas rapidly.

I’m particularly excited to be part of Ingenuity 19 because it gives me the opportunity to return to my alma mater and share some of my thoughts, learnings and wisdom on future technology with existing students as well as other innovators. In my experience, the best ideas tend to come about when lots of brilliant minds come together to think about the same problem, so I’m confident some great solutions will be developed as part of the event. I also think it’s vitally important for people to share information and best practise with one another – everybody brings something different to the table, and it is only through bring the different parties together that we can foster true collaboration and start to solve the really big societal issues.

Ingenuity19 is looking for the next generation of entrepreneurs and innovators to create scalable social and commercial enterprises that can transform Nottingham, the UK and beyond.

For the first time, we are open to the public and looking for future leaders from across the city. This includes everyone from the student community, to Nottingham’s biggest businesses, as well as those from the public and third sectors. We are looking for everyone to come together and discover problems worth solving, and are offering you the tools to create scalable sustainable solutions.

Register for Ingenuity19 now: nottingham.ac.uk/ingenuity19/

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