December 21, 2018, by The Ingenuity Lab

Give Kids a Kickstart in AI!

“As a technologist, I see how AI and the fourth industrial revolution will impact every aspect of people’s lives.” – Fei-Fei Li


In today’s age we are all aware of the huge implications AI will have in the world and also disruption to many industries! Very few business processes will remain unchallenged and may lead to increased efficiency, profitability and reduction in manpower in many areas.

With the beginnings of the fourth revolution our overriding goal is to empower children so they are equipped with foundation knowledge to help prepare them on their journey into an exciting new world.

PlayChimp Learning founders have backgrounds in authoring, software engineering, product development and working in social care particularly people with Alzheimer’s disease.

Teaching kids artificial intelligence presents lots of challenges, it’s a complex field and most algorithms involves lots of maths namely statistics, probability, linear algebra, calculus…

From our marketing research and focus groups we are addressing the issue by writing and publishing a series of ‘first’ physical and electronic books on AI for kids. The topics include computer vision, natural language processing, deep learning and neural network architectures. The books are aimed at kids from 5–9 and 10–16.

From our research we can reach out to parents and kids with rich and compelling stories that reflect real life social, environmental and economic issues. On reading the books kids will build a solid intuition on many machine learning algorithms and to reinforce and solidify their intuition. We are also retailing easy to make AI kits for the Raspberry Pi computer and subscription based resources.

The first edition will be available in the second quarter of 2018.

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