December 15, 2017, by The Ingenuity Lab

Ingenuity18: Using Creativity to Challenge a Societal Issue

You only have to walk around the city centre for a couple of hours or watch 15 minutes of national news to realise there is a lot of need in our community. For most us of that will stir up a reaction, we will want to initiate action to change that circumstance or eradicate that situation. Next is the difficult part, how can we help? This is where creativity comes in.

“You can’t use up creativity. The more you use, the more you have.” – Maya Angelou

According to the dictionary, to create means to bring (something) into existence. When we talk about creativity often we focus on the need to create clean visuals or attention-grabbing video content. But it is much broader than that, in reality to have an idea and take it to beta stage is creative. There is no limit to what creativity includes. Finding a solution to a problem is by definition a creative act. Try things out. Talk to people. Be okay with getting things wrong. Being creative involves an element of risk.

This applies to the business world too. What if we thought creatively about our business models? About our funding strategies, our research methods, and our leadership structures?

Using your creativity to challenge an issue within our society.

At Kinstory we noticed that charities doing the work on the ground and under the radar often do not get the financial support that larger organisations are able to command. So we created a clothing brand to highlight their work but also to provide a new stream of income so tharthe charities are able to continue changing lives. Thus offering a solution to two problems through one small business.

We officially launched 1, October 2017 and things are evolving every day, and we plan to continue a culture of creativity. We currently work in partnership with Harmless UK and Into University Nottingham East so when you buy any of our t-Shirts we make a donation to these charities to support the great work they are doing within Nottingham.

So the question is…how what are you going to create? And who are you going to help?

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