April 6, 2017, by The Ingenuity Lab

Ingenuity17 Meet the Mentors: Tim Elliott

“The future of marketing is people-centric…People buy People” Tim Elliott

During Ingenuity17, a range of experienced business men and women have mentored entrants, and helped them on their journey to #IgniteTheMind.

The Ingenuity17 Conference was the first opportunity mentors, speakers and entrants had the opportunity to meet, network and collaborate. As the competition develops, and entrants get closer to the £110,000+ prize fund, we will be showcasing some of the successful entrepreneurs supporting and paving the way for the next generation…

This week it’s the turn of rhe marketing expert, born and bred in Nottingham, Tim Elliott!



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Marketing Director & CMO (Chief Marketing Officer)

What is your educational background?

My education didn’t involve University, ending with A Levels and a HND course at colleges in Nottinghamshire.

However, with almost 20 years as a marketeer, I can assure you I am constantly learning new things!

Education in marketing never ends. I work with a range of clients, from Premier League Football clubs, to FMCG brands, non-profits and pub companies, and each client helps me learn new things about their industry and develop my skills.

I also regularly take industry-specific courses with organisations like the Chartered Institute of Marketing; Communications And Advertising Marketing; Hubspot; and Infusionsoft.

Tim Elliott, Ingenuity17, Ingenuity17 mentorsHow did you originally get involved with The Ingenuity Lab?

Ingenuity17 was my first time mentoring for The Ingenuity Lab, and I am so pleased to have been invited! The Ingenuity Lab is a great place for the students of The University of Nottingham to explore their entrepreneurial side.

How did you find the Ingenuity17 Conference?

As I am born, bred  and work from Nottingham, I have always been aware of the great relationship between the University and local businesses. After hearing about Ingenuity16 last year, I was really looking forward to getting involved!

Entrepreneurial skills are something that benefit anyone even in employment , it’s an agile way of thinking and great mindset to have in business.

What piece of advice would you give to anyone interested in setting up their own business?

In my experience no matter what business you’re in, it is all about people and the relationships you build  so my tip is:

Do some good old fashioned R&D! Understand your market place and what they need more than any of your competitors, and you will do well.

Service level is expected to be high, price is expected to be competitive, and the only thing that can make you stand out is the experience you can provide to your customers.

Ingenuity17, Ingenuity17 Conference, Tim ElliottWhat do you think are the key challenges that new entrepreneurs face when setting up a business?

There are many key challenges, including the classic ‘cashflow’, but right now and for the next couple of years attention and speed of a business will be key.

It is a noisy, fast paced marketplace out there and businesses need to be more agile than ever to cope with the changes in consumer behaviour.

What work are you currently involved in?

I have two major projects right now including running and hosting a conference in May for marketing pro’s Market-Ed and launching my own start up FYI100.co.uk.

Outside of that the agency, work covers a wide range of bases from large legal firms to national pub chains where we run targeted digital marketing campaigns.

If you started your business today, what would you do differently?

From experience, I can’t stress enough that unless your business is an accountancy practice, or you have an accountant on your team, outsource it. It’s a cost that is 100% worth it.

Also, try to do one thing to generate new business every day. Even if you’re busy and things are going great, don’t stop. It’s a great habit to have.

To find out more about the work Tim Elliott is up to, make sure you follow him on Twitter, and keep up to date with his businesses FYI and Apricot Marketing.

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