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March 23, 2016, by The Ingenuity Lab

Making her own menu: SwapMeat

In the Ingenuity Lab, no day is the same and every member has a different story and requirements.  As a group, we support each other, collaborate and ensure we have as much fun along the day; creating a melting pot of ideas!  Each week, we will introduce one of our exemplary members and their business to you!

This week, we’ve spoken with Dr. Terri Holloway – University of Nottingham alumni, Ingenuity Lab member and Director of SwapMeat – to find out more about her business and involvement with the lab.

Age: 37

Nationality: American

Company name:


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What did you study at the University of Nottingham?

Nutritional Sciences over on Sutton Bonnington Campus

What made you want to be an entrepreneur?

I’ve always been interested in the idea of being self-employed. I feel it allows a person to express their creativity and leadership ability at the highest level possible. It teaches me more about what I’m capable of without having to fit the mould of another employer’s dream. I believe in myself and I want to promote my own dream: I want to make my own menu in life!

What is your business concept?

For several years, including throughout my PhD, I learned a lot about how diet – specifically meat reduction – can help you live a longer, healthier life. My business shares this information through every possible medium, including seminars, cooking demonstrations, consultations, online courses and publications. I just want to do everything I can to help more people live healthier lives.

swapmeat, cooking class, cooking seminar east midlands, nottingham cooking class, terri holloway, swapmeat events, ingenuity lab, haydn green institute, university of nottingham alumniWhat stage are you currently at in setting up your company/business?

I began trading in 2015, and over the past year I have delivered consultations, seminars and a conference. In the coming years, I want to continue to expand what I do and reach a wider market.

What challenges have you faced during the process?

I think my main challenge has been building something from nothing. I’ve had to train myself on how to make my idea a reality, and that’s taken lots of hours and lots of focus!

How has being an Ingenuity Lab member helped you?

Being an Ingenuity Lab member is everything for me! The support has been exactly what I’ve needed and being among like-minded people is a really powerful thing. Everyone in the lab is full of ideas and we’re all in a similar position, so it helps to validate our efforts. I would recommend any students and alumni with a business idea to get involved with the lab.

What are your goals for this year?

My main aim is to build my presence online and make my services available online. I also want to continue my momentum from the great start I’ve had so far. Onwards and upwards, I say!

If you would like to find out more about the upcoming events Terri has going on, please visit her website.

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