18 October, 2012, by Steve Upcraft

A Fishing Trip?

Can early stage businesses gain useful knowledge and successfully grow their organisation by interacting with a virtual network of ‘experts’ and the wider business community?

Will these entrepreneurs be able to ask for advice in public and will the ‘experts’ be willing to share their knowledge freely in an open forum?

These are just a few of the questions the new Ingenuity ‘Fishbowl’ will attempt to answer over the coming months.

Two local businesses and a social enterprise have teamed up with an extensive panel of experts drawn from the Greater Nottingham business community and the University of Nottingham.  Their combined objective is to stimulate additional growth for the businesses – the ‘Fish’ – through an interactive on-line exchange environment – the ‘Bowl’.

The technology to make this happen will be ready by the end of October 2012 and the bowl will go live on the Ingenuity site by mid-November,after which  the forum will be open for anyone to add comments and hopefully become regular contributors to the Fishbowl.

Will it work?  If the initial meeting between the Fish and the Experts is anything to go, by there is little doubt it will quickly develop into a lively exchange of questions, suggestions and comments – the acid test is however, will the businesses gain valuable insights and grow their operations.

Have you been involved in a similar process?  What are your thoughts?  We’d welcome your comments.

Additionally, to learn more about the Ingenuity Business Network please follow the link.


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