18 June, 2012, by Steve Upcraft

Ingenuity – the local business network

Networking GroupOver the last 4 years our network of local businesses has grown to well over 1000 people representing the full spectrum of businesses across the Greater Nottingham area.

The majority of those involved in the network are from micro and small businesses  including soletraders and social enterprises however, we also have a healthy mix of medium sized companies.

So why are they involved and what draws others to join this growing business community?  Many of the business leaders are regular attenders at our Ingenuity KnowldegXchange breakfast events where senior University of Nottingham academic staff, supported by experienced owner/managers, provide insights into generic business themes such strategic planning, risk, finance and innovation.  For others the monthly newsletter is a simple and efficient way of keeping up to date with many of the university’s activities that are of direct relevance to the local and regional business community.

The University of Nottingham is committed to working with businesses regardless of their size so why not join us for a working breakfast on the 10th July or sign up and receive a copy of our monthly newsletter.

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