December 21, 2015, by Matt

2015: A blog of blogs

Members of the School of Geography have been writing up their research and experiences on an amazing range of topics this year, and to save you time trawling the interweb for this year’s best1 in geographical blogging we’ve collated them here for you to enjoy with a glass of mulled wine and a mince pie2.

All of us in the School of Geography wish you and yours a happy holiday and a peaceful 2016.


In no particular order…


Andrew Leyshon on the Music Industry


Resh Durgahee on his PhD research on Mauritius and Fiji


Rowan Dejardin on his fieldwork in Antarctica


Adam Swain has written a number of blogs on the Ukraine this year:


Carol Morris and Brigitte Nerlich from the Institute for Science and Society on ‘imaginaries’


Sev Kender on how deep ocean trenches form


Susanne Seymour on Black History Month (October 2015)


Mark Lambert on the nature of his PhD studies

and on some of his research into railway preservation


Martin Mahony on his new Imperial Weather project


Kate Whiston and Joe Bailey regularly contribute to the RGS Geography Directions blog


The Blue-Green Cities project


AHRC Global Cotton Connections project


Weather Extremes



  1. We haven’t read them all and we are a little biased.
  2. Refreshments are optional, and there’s a lot to read here, so please drink responsibly.



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