February 5, 2016, by Matt

Closer links for the School with the East Midlands Geological Society

The School of Geography is now hosting the regular lectures of the East Midlands Geological Society which is a great opportunity for our staff and students, especially those on our new Environmental Geoscience degree, to keep involved with the wider geological community.

The next lecture (6pm on the 13th February in A48 The Sir Clive Granger Building) is the Presidential Address and will be given by Dr Vanessa Banks, from the British Geological Survey. Her talk is entitled: ‘Sinkholes and the media’.

A brief summary reads: “The winter period from December 2013 to January 2014 was characterised by exceptional periods of winter rainfall in England and Wales. Extensive flooding and increased numbers of slope failures, landslides, and sinkholes, affected infrastructure across the country, thereby generating considerable media attention. In addition to government and stakeholder requirements, the BGS experienced an unusually high level of enquiries from the public and the media pertaining to “sinkholes”. This talk will describe the wave of incidents, the data that is held by the BGS and the processes associated with their formation.”


For further information about the Environmental Geoscience degree please contact Professor Paul Nathanail, the course director, or visit https://www.nottingham.ac.uk/geography/study/undergraduate/index.aspx


For further information about the East Midlands Geological Society including the lecture programme please see http://www.emgs.org.uk/index.htm


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