February 10, 2022, by abrierley

Research Placement at Enodo Economics

by Ben Pearse  BSc Economics

Whilst studying for my Economics degree, I have tried to acquire work experience by getting involved in societies and participating in the NAA programme. The NAA Placement scheme helps to develop new skills, consolidate others and then reflect on your experience.

After browsing through the range of placements, Enodo Economics stood out. They are an independent forecasting consultancy, specialising in macroeconomics and political forecasting with an emphasis on China. The firm advises large companies and international investors all over the world. Diana Choyleva, the Chief Economist, can regularly be seen on Bloomberg commenting on the Chinese economy and newsworthy developments such as Evergrande. My research assistant role involved working remotely both with Diana and the Director of geopolitical and intelligence analysis. I was tasked with researching information, analysing data, and extracting meaningful conclusions. I then presented my findings in a clear, concise manner, succinctly informing clients on China’s economic, financial and political developments

The placement application process was straightforward. I outlined relevant skills and experience and why I was interested in applying for the role. It is important to demonstrate that you are knowledgeable about China and explain why you have a genuine interest. I was then invited to an interview with Diana, which was good interviewing practice. She was friendly and put me at ease immediately. She took the time to find out more about me and whether I was well-suited to the role. I was then invited to submit an example of my work, highlighting my ability to communicate effectively and my suitability as an Economist/Research intern.

I applied to Enodo Economics because China is one of the most misunderstood, yet expanding world economies. I wanted to learn more about its economy, politics, and geopolitics. Reflecting on my time with the firm, I feel the project work was challenging and interesting and I was excited about researching and analysing data and putting it in the context of China’s industrial policy and Beijing’s priorities. It was also rewarding to be able to use the knowledge I’ve acquired through my academic studies and undertake my own research on topics as wide-ranging as trade agreements, currency internationalisation, and the belt and road initiative. I now understand more about the role organisations like Enodo Economics play in ensuring that overseas investors have a clear understanding of the Chinese economy and the nuances of this unique investment environment. Overall, it was a great opportunity to undertake some engaging research, whilst working towards team objectives and meeting client expectations. I also developed consultancy skills such as critical thinking, data analysis and report writing, which I will take with me into my next consulting role.

Before I started the placement, I had some concerns as to how easily I would fit into the team, as everything was online. However, I found it was relatively easy to connect with people professionally. We had a weekly team meeting to raise concerns and get briefed on the next set of tasks to complete that week. We then used Evernote and email if subsequent issues arose.

To summarise, if you are interested in Economics and China and Consulting, I would strongly advise you to apply. It’s an opportunity to collaborate on and contribute to a real client assignment, undertake research and hone your consultancy skills. This is a competitive placement, so to be successful during the application and interview stage I would suggest researching China’s recent economic, financial and political developments and see whether Enodo Economics has been featured on the news. I would also ensure your written submission highlights your ability to undertake independent research and illustrates your critical thinking and analytical skills.

Good luck with your application.

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