May 24, 2021, by abrierley

My placement as a content editor at FMB radio

By Iain Messore, 1st year History and Politics undergraduate

In my second semester, I was fortunate enough to take part in a placement at FMB radio as a content editor. I was responsible for researching, writing and producing a three-part podcast series on the movement against racist statues in the light of the Black Lives Matter protests. The task of writing each episode was divided between my partner and me. I was responsible for writing episode two, while my teammate wrote the first and third episodes. In addition to writing the episodes, I was initially meant to record and produce the three podcasts myself given I had prior knowledge of podcast creation. I kept in good contact with my partner over the course of the placement and we worked hard to ensure that every episode linked well with the series.

On the whole, I found FMB radio very relaxed about the process. There was never any pressure involved in my work and I did not feel like I was forced to do anything. This was further reflected in the interview process, which felt more like a friendly chat than a formal interview. There was no formula to pass, but rather it was a chance to get to know the station, staff and values. This all meant I was able to balance my tasks effectively alongside work for my degree, and the staff were understanding when I could not complete tasks due to the burden of coursework.

What I enjoyed most about the placement was the relaxed atmosphere. I felt truly free to produce my own work. It was my partner and I’s creative vision which really reflected the work we did and that is something I am truly grateful for. Podcasts often depend upon the hosts themselves and that meant that we could be more genuine and authentic rather than formulaic.

The only real challenge I felt was when I had to produce an article covering an interview, as this was something I had never done before. It took a long time to find work which I was both happy with and which reflected the requests of FMB. After much planning I was able to produce an article which was of a high standard.

For anyone considering a placement such as this, my main advice is to be yourself. FMB are very personable, and this was reflected throughout. Playing to your strengths and finding ways to overcome challenges your own way are things that will greatly benefit the work you do.

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