June 4, 2020, by abrierley

My Experience at Peopletoo in Nottingham – Arinade Bademosi

by Arinade Bademosi final year undergraduate in Politics and International Relations

For the duration of the second term of my final year as a Politics and International Relations Undergraduate, I interned at Peopletoo as a Marketing Assistant. My role was to engage with the company’s work, creating marketing content, devising and implementing brand strategy, and increasing engagement on their digital channels.

I thoroughly enjoyed my time and really benefited from the immersive nature of the internship. I was given a lot of responsibility and was allowed to lead on multiple projects. The application process consisted of a written supporting statement – where I had to answer two questions, and two interviews – one with members of the team and the other with the managing director. All stages of the application process were very engaging and there was a lot of support from both Peopletoo and the placement faculty.

For me, the most enjoyable part of the placement was being able to work on creating their Corporate Social Responsibility page. I was given full creative control over it and had the opportunity to bring my ideas to life. Everybody at Peopletoo were so helpful with this and contributed to different elements of the creation of the page. This helped me to understand the impact of Peopletoo’s work with individuals and communities, and to assist them in communicating this in a creative and engaging way. Alongside this, I was encouraged to write up some of their now published blogs and case studies. This was all incredibly valuable experience.

The biggest challenge I faced was probably working whilst completing my final year. Third year can be pretty intense and being on placement simultaneously can add to that. However, I was really supported throughout my time at Peopletoo. They were really flexible with the days I worked and always reminded me that I could take time away when I had deadlines and exams.

My advice for anyone considering a similar placement at Peopletoo (or just in general) would be to do your research on the company. Not only will this help you in the application process, but it will also help you to understand the kind of work they do and where you could fit into that. My top tips for the application process would be to be yourself (cliché I know)! But honestly, that’s the best way to let them see your personality and be interested in having you work with them. Make sure you go over your CV and talk about your experience as best as you can. Once you get there, try to be involved in as many ways as possible. With the kind of work Peopletoo do, there are always ways to be helpful. This will not only give you the chance to gain loads of useful experience, but will also ensure that you make the most out of your time there. I would encourage everyone to apply, you have nothing to lose and will have a great time. Good luck!

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