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Global Placement Grant – Education Intern with the Rosie May Foundation in Pokhara, Nepal

by Chloé Havez 2nd year, Politics & International Relations

I travelled to Nepal and stayed in the city of Pokhara. My placement was with the Rosie May Foundation, and I undertook the role of Education Intern. This position entailed planning and delivering sports & English lessons to children in state-funded Nepalese schools which were located both in Pokhara itself and in the surrounding area.

I discovered the placement through an email which was sent around advertising the different opportunities available of work experiences abroad. I then researched the Rosie May Foundation to understand their key aims and then filled out the application form – which was primarily based on why I considered myself suitable for the role, what I knew about the Rosie May Foundation itself, and why I wished to apply for this position.

Next, I was invited for a group interview where people working for the Rosie May Foundation asked applicants a series of questions. Following this, I received a confirmation email to say that I was one of the applicants who had been chosen for this internship.

My greatest achievement was overcoming my nerves and being able to have the confidence to deliver lessons in front of a group of children.

My biggest challenge was overcoming my lack of self belief and confidence, but I overcame this by grabbing this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity.

I believe I have learnt key transferable skills having undertaken this placement. Primarily, the ability to work well in a team, communication skills, and planning skills. Having undertaken this kind of global work experience, it will demonstrate to employers my pragmatism and my willingness to grasp new opportunities.

As it was the Rosie May Foundation’s first year in Nepal, the Foundation was only apparently involved in the application and interview processes. I found that the majority of the placement was organised and carried out by Travelteer and the Nepalese NGO SAHAS.

I hope that in future years, the Rosie May Foundation will be more involved in the placements which they offer under their name, as I believe I ended up following the ‘English Development Programme’ internship offered by Travelteer, instead of the previously avertised ‘Education Internship’ with the Rosie May Foundation.

Chloé’s top tips for undertaking overseas placements:

1.) Just do it – this sounds cliché but I had so many doubts that I would be offered the placement that I nearly didn’t complete the application.

2.) Research what university funding is available to you – I would not have been able to do this experience without the Global Placement Grant.

3.) Make sure you undertake work experience with an organisation that you believe in & agree with its key principles.

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