When students discovered Professor Richard Payne’s use of mnemonics, he discovered that students found this fun and beneficial.

Creating a Distance Learning Course

Diane Bowskill and Alison Mostyn were presented with the challenge of converting a campus based course for a cohort of remote learners. How did they do this? By deconstructing the existing campus based course materials and, in collaboration with digital learning experts in the HELM team, reimagining the teaching outcomes and student journey within the …

Providing a Blueprint for the Art of Essay Writing

Relished by some and dreaded by others, essay writing is a ubiquitous assessment method that has ceded ground to other forms of assessment in the digital age, but that remains a foundational pillar of academia. The underlying reasons for variability in student essay writing ability are debatable, as are potential solutions. David Appleby has one …

Encouraging Graduate Success with a Careers Day

In partnership with the Careers and Employability Office, Louise Thompson organised a mini careers day for students of MSc. Occupational Psychology, which saw alumni return to share insights of the industry and their careers. This kind of extracurricular activity has intangible benefits, but tangibly the students very much appreciated this event.  

Co-Designed Education Module for Student Midwives

Jo Foster set up a task and finish group to develop co-designed module content, Kirstie Coolin was the key partner for developing the digital learning aspect. students were consulted and their feedback collected throughout the module to provide an iterative change approach, the key messages become the drivers for creating an online approach that would …

Social Media within Learning: Twitter and Physiotherapy

For many, social media has long been a looming shadow with teeth, but Roger Kerry was one that saw the potential early on, and has been incorporating it into his practice since 2013. Not everything went positively at first, but through trial and error, Twitter became integrated into Roger’s teaching bringing massive benefits such as …

Sharing Visual Material In Class With Tablets

Richard Payne noticed some older departmental iPads not in use, but waste not want not – he realised he could make use them to share diagrams and other images with his veterinary students during class.  

Creating a Learning Object for Global Distribution

This post sees Gill Langmack talking about the need for both hospital staff and University students to understand about the real world problem of recognising and understanding how sepsis affects people. In collaboration with NHS colleagues and the HELM team, they created a learning tool to tackle this specific issue. As the audience for this …

Physical Models with Plasticine

Using humble plasticine, Richard Payne conveys the physicality of internal body organs to his students in a quick, low cost, and insightful manner.

TTP Conference 2017

University of Nottingham’s 2017 TTP Conference gathered staff and representatives from across the organisation to display a broad range of teaching initiatives and research, with particular focus on GS2020 priorities. The cameras were there to capture a flavour of the event. Full length presentations can be accessed here, featuring topics such as: The Student Perspective A …