October 1, 2018, by Joe Bell

Producing a “Policy” Video

Healthcare students working toward registration in nursing, midwifery, medicine and other professions are advised to consider their professional conduct from the outset of their studies. However policies and guidance on this topic can be somewhat daunting, especially for new learners. Importantly, the standards within in these documents reflect public expectations of accountability and responsibility for behaviours and actions at all times.

Fern Todhunter set out to achieve a “light touch” to help students learn and understand mandatory professional standards. A workshop for staff and students from Nottingham and Birmingham Universities led to ideas for an online learning activity. In collaboration with learning technologists from the University of Nottingham’s Health E-learning and Media Team (HELM), the group developed a learning object unpacking the standards for professional behaviour. The main content is two films of student nurses acting out good and bad behaviours. The subsequent sections require participants to answer a number of questions about the films which then link back to a professional code of conduct. Situated in open access, the resource has proved to be a popular on a global scale. In delivering this level of return on investment, the value of these kinds of resources for professional learners cannot be understimated.

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