Olu Amodeni

January 21, 2015, by Kelly Cookson

From high tower to ivory tower

Guest blog by Olu Amodeni.

“We are pleased to inform you that you have been accepted at The University of Nottingham”. As I read through the letter, I could not hold back my deep sense of elation. I was finally going to become a Dr; a Dr of Business. Like a doting parent on the first day of kindergarten, the thought of leaving my baby slowly doused my flames of elation. My baby is just three, she is barely standing and talking. I have been with her from day one. To leave her for four years, oh wow. How was I to do this?

Item Seven, was delivered in 2011. The Haydn Green Institute here at the Business School facilitated her birth and although it has been a challenging three years, every day spent with her has been rewarding. Now I must leave it to the hands of hired staff to watch over my baby.

In October 2014, I accepted an offer from the Haydn Green Institute to study a PhD in Entrepreneurship. An opportunity to turn some of my practical business skills into academic manuscripts. I accepted. This meant I would have to step away from running the business hands on to running it remotely. I have decided to blog about my experience of moving from the boardroom to the classroom.

Welcome to my story, from high tower to ivory tower.

Olu Amodeni
Graduate Teaching Assistant (Entrepreneurship), Doctoral Researcher.

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