March 24, 2015, by Alfonso Garcia

PGR REPS: the ‘very role’ unveiled…





In this post, I look at the concept of Post Graduate Research Engineering Community (PGR) and the expected activities a PGR Rep should perform during the academic year.

The PGR Community exists to provide PhD students the opportunity to raise any issues or concerns during their studies. The PGR Engineering Community works with Representatives (Reps) in each Research Division:

  1. Electrical Systems and Optics
  2. Energy and Sustainability
  3. Infrastructure, Geomatics & Architecture
  4. Materials, Mechanics and Structures
  5. Manufacturing

A PGR Engineering Rep must seek out the opinions of other PhD Students within their division and raise any issues on behalf of those students to the appropriate forum or meeting. Then the Head of the PGR Community will summarize the issues and present the most relevant information in order to allow staff and student reps to develop solutions to those issues. It also allows staff to gather positive feedback from students on the programs they offer.

Typically, the nature of issues or experiences from PhD Students that a PGR Rep should pay attention to and solve are those which affect the majority of students and is related to the course or program itself. This could also include issues with printing (IT, mainly…), the University facilities (Laboratories or so…), course costs, etc.

The main activities involved in the Role as a PGR Rep are:

  1. Apply for a position (basically respond to me and explain why do you think you are a suitable or outstanding candidate).
  2. Attend a one hour training session accredited by the SU. We will agree the best date for the majority of Reps.
  3. Attend the PGR Welcome event (8th October 2014). You will introduce yourself to the new PhD students.
  4. Get to know the new PhDs in your Division.
  5. Listen to your current fellow PhD students and raise any issues on their behalf.
  6. Attend 3 PGR Engineering Community Forum meetings in the academic year. This is where both students and staff will raise issues or problems or suggestions for improvements.
  7. Attend the PGR Engineering Social for new starters, where you will be asked to informally talk to the new PhD Students.