March 19, 2015, by Matt Neville

Latest News from the PGR Engineering Community

Hi. It’s Matt again, secretary to the PGR Engineering Community. We have our next formal meeting on Friday the 20th of March. I’d just like to give you a quick update on some of your issues that we resolved since the last meeting.

You may or may not know that as soon as you enter your writing up period, your student ID card automatically stops granting you access to buildings, prompting some of you to make an unnecessary trip to the Security Office to find out what is happening. The current correct procedure is to request that the Research Office emails Security with your details and requests a year extension. We raised this as an issue for you with the Security Office and were told that a new system would hopefully be instigated by the end of summer 2015 meaning that card access is automatically extended, so no more running around for anyone after this date!

We also had several students raising the issue of cars driving too fast on the road alongside L3 & L4 creating a hazard for anyone entering and exiting this buildings. We have now been told that estates are currently looking at this situation to see how this can be resolved.

You may  have seen that we have listened to your feedback and organised an evening celebration for you. Tickets are available online. Please refer to the emails I have sent out for more information.