April 24, 2015, by Matt Neville

Basketball Varsity

Dear all,

As you may already know it is that time of the time year again:

Each year the University takes part in the annual charity Varsity series against Nottingham Trent University. The series sees the best sportsmen and women from each University competing in some of Nottingham’s biggest sporting venues.

The Varsity series is a heady mix of fun and rivalry, with an increasing number of students and spectator enjoying events.

The countdown begins for the biggest Varsity series in the UK!

Trent Uni fans have already sold out their tickets!
So I hope I’ll see you all at Capital FM Arena wearing green 🙂

Patricio (who is also in the team)

PS. Tickets will also be available at the entrance of the Capital FM Arena (same price).

Tickets can be bought from here:

Make sure you join the official Facebook event page for updates: