August 1, 2014, by Andrew Gibson

Panel 3: Taking a stance or calming the waters- challenging established science (D. Dyer, R. Pielke Jr, J. A. Smith, S. Turner)

The below video features contributions from Dominic Dyer (Chief Executive of the Badger Trust), Professor Roger Pielke Jr (Center for Science and Technology Policy Research, University of Colorado Boulder), Dr Jane A. Smith (writer and researcher) and Professor Stephen Turner (Distinguished University Professor of Philosophy, University of South Florida).

The session included statements of vehement opposition to the badger cull, a discussion of overt and stealth advocacy among science advisers, values in politics, different models of lobbying, the Boyd Group’s work on the use of animals in science, and the impact of science education and journalism. The session was followed by a Q&A.

What do you think? Please use the comment section below to pick up on any points… 

Click the image for video

Click the image for video









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