July 2, 2015, by Andrew Gibson

All multimedia from Circling the Square 2: universities, the media, citizens and politics

Keynote 1: David Nutt – Time for a new Enlightenment in drug and alcohol policy? (video)

Panels from Day 1: science advice; science, uncertainty and science advocacy; science and the media (audio)

Keynote 2: Mike Hulme – Scientists speaking with one voice – panacea or pathology? (video)

Panels from Day 2: Science and civil society; Responsible innovation, impact and the economy; Science, social science, and the changing role of the university (audio)

Public debate: Who decides the future: science, politics or the people? (video)


Blog posts on conference themes:

Circling the Square (Paul Matthews)

Consensus in science (Brigitte Nerlich)

Jurassic World: Frankenstein for the 21st Century? (Jack Stilgoe)

Scientists speaking with one voice: panacea or pathology? (Judith Curry)


If you have trouble accessing these files or would like to write for the blog on any of the conference themes, please contact andrew.gibson@nottingham.ac.uk

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